It’s normal to freak out a little when a new station, personality or radio show comes on the air. After all, the radio pie is already sliced pretty thin. Head-to-head competition is more common than ever. And there are 6 ways to win a programming battle.

So how should you react when a new competitor attacks you? Suddenly, there’s another player coming to try and eat your slice of the pie. But did you know that you can fight off a new competitor and actually increase your share if you play it right? This is particularly true if it’s a direct competitor in your format.

Wait. That doesn’t make sense. How can this be? It seems that every direct competitor would cut into your share. Logical, yes. But not necessarily accurate.

It may come to be that a new show in your format would steal share from you. It’s probable they will share listening with your station. It may even be that a high percentage of your audience finds them and checks them out.

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But that doesn’t mean you will lose share.

6 Ways to Win a Programming Battle


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