For the right type of show, stunts can be a big attraction. Executed properly, they add drama and can make for great viral video through social media. This list of minor stunts for cast members can be a great starting point for your show.

These are all a good starting point for a show or could be expanded into a promotion. Or, build it into an April Fool’s stunt.

How To Use This List of Stunts

There are many ways to use this list on your show. The one thing you should NOT do is just do them without a context.

For some, you may have to adapt it for your particular purpose.

  1. Pay off a bet between cast members, with the loser having to pay off by performing the stunt.
  2. Assign the stunt to a specific cast member. They do a stunt once a week.
  3. Theme it with a quarterly Dare Week. Each show member performs a dare each morning.

Here’s the List of Stunts