It’s the Holy Grail of radio programming: Fans account for up to 90% of a station’s total listening. But fans make up only about 10% of a station’s cume. The key to higher ratings, then, is: How can radio stations convert cume to fans? We spend a lot of time trying to figure out a strategy, but what if much of it is actually random?

That sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? But chaos theory may be a key to understanding how to program for more fans.

Nurturing relationships with listeners takes time, of course, and it’s not easy to convince listeners to fall in love with a radio brand. That makes each loyal fan highly valuable.

But other than wringing your hands, making a wish and hoping for the ratings gods to smile on you each month, what can you do?

Here’s a unique approach, based on a mathematical concept that appears in nature and increasingly in marketing, advertising and social media.

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Chaos Theory In Nature

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