Air checks are usually tedious, only a bit more fun than dental surgery. But they don’t have to be. It takes time, commitment and creativity-just like a great radio show. When you air check relevance, you’re evaluating how the show is delivering top of mind content compared to competition.

Relevance is about capturing the moment with topics that actually matter to your target audience. It’s not the same as relatable, though many mistakenly use the two terms interchangeably.

Relevance is choosing to talk about things the audience already cares about. If they already care, your job is much easier. Identifying the right topics and presenting them frequently is a key part of having a balanced, topical show.

Every personality should always know the most top of mind content for the audience. Do you have your finger on the pulse of their interests? What are they talking about today? These are keys to making connections with listeners when IZE-ing content.

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Air Check Relevance


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