Air checks are usually tedious, only a bit more fun than dental surgery. But they don’t have to be. It takes time, commitment and creativity-just like a great radio show. Air check show structure on a regular basis to make sure the foundation is solid and the art and science are balanced.

A show structure air check is an extension of the basics theme. However, this time, you’re focusing more on how the show is put together mechanically rather than worrying about performance of the show. This is an air check on the science of your show, more than the art.

Architects design buildings with a solid foundation. Your show needs structure so it makes sense to listeners. Without a strong base, features lacks context. This makes it difficult to get traction, no matter how strong your performance.

Show structure helps listeners understand the content. It provides familiarity and comfort so they “get” the show. All elements should work together to help personalities stand out, not vice-versa.

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Jimmy Kimmel started his career in radio and knows how important structure is. He took his DJ discipline to his TV talk show.

When asked about why each show has the same format, with a monologue, guests, etc, Kimmel says:

The audience cares. I learned that it subconsciously cares very much about those conventions. It’s like a wedding: You can do a wedding a little bit differently, but ultimately —You have to end with “I do” and a kiss.

In fact, the TV talk show format has been around for decades because human beings like that familiarity. Steve Allen hosted ‘Tonight!’ from 1954 to 1957, where he introduced the monologue, celebrity interviews, outside-the-studio bits, and a house band. That basic format has stood the test of time.

We need structure, for reasons that aren’t obvious to personalities. So pay attention to structure. It’s something that can be air checked.

Air Check Show Structure

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