The difference between great radio stations and good radio stations is art, not science. Of course, all great stations have a solid foundation. That’s science.

But have you heard stations that just sound magical? They may play the same music as dozens of other stations, but there’s just something about how it sounds different on a special station. That’s art.

And the best music artists know how to manage their music software to get that sound that can’t be duplicated. It’s the art of music scheduling.

When first learning to program a music log, a big issue was understanding the essential attributes of songs being scheduled.

Programmers often spend hours entering data into your software to optimize your database.

It can be intimidating to the point that artists often take the easy route and just accept someone else’s coding.

One music director even told me:

I guess I’ll just schedule this music the way the other guy showed me and then fill in these unscheduled positions and…done. It’s faster.

That may be okay for some stations. But stopping with music software settings is stopping with= science. You’re missing a key ingredient that helps make radio stations great: the art of music scheduling.

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Art of Music Scheduling: Coding


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