In the never-ending dialogue surrounding the perfect formula for winning radio, the concept of live & local is always looming. It almost always ranks just behind, “How much should we talk?” and “Where should we schedule the stop sets”? The debate rages about the value of being local.

Managers paying a staff brag about being local. Some stations even run promos to tell the audience all about it, chirping about being “from here”, just like “you”. Meanwhile, other managers import voice tracked personalities and brag that they sound better.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? What works? What doesn’t?

Here’s the thing: Stations that have to run promos to prove or justify being live and local almost never sound like it. At least, not enough to matter. And stations that really do have roots planted in the community demonstrate and communicate it through virtually everything they do. They don’t need a positioning statement or series of promos to inform the audience they have studios on Main Street.

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Being local can be a big advantage, but saying saying it and being it are two different things.

Live & Local or Good & Not?

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