Radio personalities have a brand, a unique identity. That’s not a surprise. You’ve known that for a while. Each moment on the air is an opportunity to support and advance the brand. That’s common sense. But there’s another layer you probably haven’t thought of. It’s branding content to spread virally.

In this article, I explain and demonstrate how radio personalities can create mini-brands for individual segments to make stories on the air more memorable and shareable. 

  • How to create memory triggers to make stories easy to re-tell.
  • Creating unique catchphrases that make ordinary breaks special.
  • Making The Seinfeld Effect Work on the Radio.
  • How story branding is the key to creating Didja Hear moments.
  • Examples from Jeff & Jer, Jonny Holly & Nira, and Seinfeld.

Make Stories More Shareable By Branding Content


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