Radio personalities have a brand, a unique identity. That’s not a surprise. You’ve known that for awhile. Each moment on the air is an opportunity to support and advance the brand. That’s common sense. But there’s another layer you probably haven’t thought of. It’s branding content to spread virally.

This not only supports existing brand values, it functions as a marketing tactic to expand the audience.

Each individual segment has the potential to be a mini-brand, an individual part that advances the whole. But to unlock the power of content branding, you have to actively brand radio content. And that’s not just promoting it online and by social media. It starts in performance.

Branding content through stories can be the difference between an ordinary, interesting break and content that causes listeners to talk about what they heard on the radio and share it with friends and coworkers.

This should be a part of the daily show prep process.

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Branding Content Makes It Memorable

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