One of the most powerful techniques of building higher ratings is convincing existing listeners to listen more. Obvious, right? But that’s a lot harder than just trying harder to be great on the air. It’s not easy getting listeners to keep listening for one more quarter hour or remember to come back often. But you can do it when you drop audio bread crumbs that entice listeners to stay.

That’s one of the key findings in Content Superhero: What Causes Tune In. This research-backed seminar found six key things that are proven to keep the audience for longer periods of time. The idea of dropping bread crumbs is that listeners are “hungry” for entertainment. They love stories and will eagerly “eat it up”.

But if you give them the full meal at once, they’re satisfied and will then look for the next thing that catches their attention so they can “feed” again. But if you give them an appetizer, and learn to drop bread crumbs, they will follow along as long as those bread crumbs keep coming.

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This is one of the most important storytelling skills to learn.

Dropping bread crumbs isn’t just about teasing upcoming content. It’s deeper than that, and should be embedded into content in nearly every break.

How Other Businesses Do It

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