Build a 5 Star Character Brand Seminar on Demand

Excelling as a radio personality starts with finding your personal character voice. This seminar shows you exactly how to do it. This is the action-packed step-by-step process of how to build a 5-Star Character Brand by developing a character brand profile based on your real-life personality.

This seminar is presented in a series of seven videos. Follow the process in each before moving on to the next.

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Video #1: Introduction

Find out why every performer should have a Character Brand to become a successful radio personality. A strong character brand is crucial to captivating and retaining a fanbase. This introduction explains creating a detailed, formal document that captures your off-air personality and turns it into a character “voice” on the air.

You’ll learn why this is part of a foundation to stand out in a competitive marketplace and explain the process of defining a character voice, building a character profile, and using the profile to gain more fans, listeners, and higher ratings.

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