You probably agree that having an audience fall in love with you as a personality is a good thing. If you don’t agree with that, stop reading now. You’re wasting your time. But you may not understand how locked-in features contribute directly to building a deep relationship with the audience. In fact, features are a must-have building block for your show.

Let’s start at the end goal and work backwards. You want the audience to love you. Before that happens, they have to like you, right? Sure. Makes sense. But before they can like you, they have to get to know you, and they can’t do that unless you give them some thing to get to know. And that can be really hard.

The truth is, the audience is attracted to you first because of the things you do. As they’re exposed to your personality, they fall in love because of who you are-your character. Familiarity is a good  thing. Whatever you can do to increase familiarity advances your success path.

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