In this article, I outline how contests are effective in reaching high value respondents: High value respondents are those who participate with ratings services! They’re the most valuable of all, right? Of course. But not all contests work. And call in to win contests don’t work at all.

Stop them. Now. No, I take that back. Stop them. Yesterday.

Don’t misunderstand. The question isn’t whether you should do contests, It’s  how to do them.

For decades, radio stations have relied on call in to win. Programmers and air personalities love it because the phone lines light up. There’s a nice little buzz when you see that. It’s affirmation.

It makes the DJ feel like someone’s out there that really likes us!

These contests are also fast and easy. And, we get a sound bite from a winner on the air.

But call in to win contests stopped working long ago.

Why You Should Stop Call In To Win