One of the hardest things for air personalities is finding a way to be personal, relatable and relevant with a unique angle when talking about a topic that literally everyone is talking about. When personalities learn to capture the moment in a personal way, they connect with listeners in a deeper way. But that is hard.

It happens when a local sports team wins a championship or a major news story breaks and life just stops. Everyone’s attention is riveted on that one big story.

For example, on the Monday after the Las Vegas murders at the Jason Aldean concert, the topic was on the top of your audience’s mind. Everyone was talking about it. You probably talked about it on the air, and you should have. But what did you do? Did you talk about the latest developments? Or did you express sorrow and send your thoughts and prayers?

These are not incorrect. But what could you do on the air to stand out and connect with your audience in a personal way?

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Capture The Moment: Mike & Lauren

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