I was working with a new morning show consisting of a very intelligent, polished and accomplished entertainer with little radio experience and a host that was learning how to transition from DJ to air personality. The show had great potential, and a key to success, at least short-term, would be applying storytelling skills to a medium that was new to the entertainer. And that would depend on the DJ’s ability to get the best from his new co-host. This was when I learned the value of customized feedback when working with talent.

Feedback is critical to everyone’s success. Many radio personalities resist it because it’s not always fun. It challenges us by exposing shortcomings or flaws, and nobody really likes to think about what they’re doing wrong. But I have learned that an even stronger driving force is the fear of looking stupid or incompetent.

Many programmers, consultants and even talent coaches don’t understand how difficult this can be for personalities. Each air talent is unique, and they’re all sensitive. What works for one will fail with another. That’s why talent coaches simply must learn how to adjust their approach with each personality.

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Customized Feedback

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