One of the most overlooked aspects of storytelling is the use of dialogue in the telling of as story. Most radio personalities never really consider it. We think of dialogue as important in a theatrical performance, a movie, a book or a TV show. But it’s a critical tool of a narrative story as well. Oh yeah. Narrative stories are what personalities do in radio!

Dialogue can be used for many purposes. One of the most useful results of effective use of dialogue is to reveal a character’s personality, emotions, and actions. This makes the characters come to life for the audience,

In writing, authors regularly use dialogue to demonstrate how characters feel. Think of your favorite novels. They almost always use dialogue to describe feelings rather than simply explaining it with words.

Radio personalities can and should use it, too. Learning to master this skill can show how an who the character is, instead of simply describing how the character is and what he or she is doing.

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Using Dialogue Effectively

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