Has PPM changed how your station sounds? Probably, if only in small ways. But many stations have allowed PPM measurement to affect brand imaging on their stations. They’re convinced that since the meters are capturing listening, branding doesn’t matter. That’s a huge strategic mistake.

Now that all larger markets are well into the PPM Era, with ratings measured by meters rather than the old diary methodology, it’s clear that stations sound different.

In some ways, it’s an upgrade. We’re tighter and much of the fat has been trimmed. In other ways, not so much. Programmers have sacrificed branding in the interest of keeping the momentum moving forward. This is most evident in how stations are imaged.

Producers have been reduced to creating a package of short, generic positioning statements that do little more than repeat the station’s name. That’s not branding. And it’s not imaging. And it’s not effective.

Brand Imaging: Target Emotions