Yeah, a headline like Double Your Ratings immediately makes you think it will be followed with some flippant comment like, “Get twice as many listeners.”

I’m not selling a magic, “get rich quick” plan. But realize that driving ratings may not be as impossible as many programmers and air personalities think.

Whether you have a 10-share or a 2-share, every station can double your ratings. It literally works for everyone, though I’ll admit it’s a bit more challenging double a 20-share than a 1 share.

Here’s the empowering thing: Every station can do double your ratings without external marketing and advertising. It doesn’t require a big contest. And it doesn’t depend on a promotion or marketing budget.

The truth is, it’s really simple to double your ratings.

You can double your ratings just by getting more value from existing listeners. I explain it in detail in the seminar on demand Double Your Ratings, but here’s a quick explanation.

Double Your Ratings Math