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$1,000 Minute Questions

Questions for $1,000 Minute Game. For details on how to execute the game and use these questions, go here.

Download “Thousand Dollar Minute” Thousand-Dollar-Minute-Questions-.docx – Downloaded 213 times – 214 KB

Feature Episode Tracker

Use this tool to log details for each episode of a feature. It’s useful to quickly find archived audio and program Best Of shows.

Download “Feature Tracking.xlsx” Feature-Tracking.xlsx – Downloaded 243 times – 53 KB


Content Relevance Comparison

Use this form to compare how topical and relevant your show is compared to other entertainment sources. For details on how to use this form, go here.

Download “Content Relevance Air Check Template.xlsx” Content-Relevance-Comparison-Template.xlsx – Downloaded 201 times – 49 KB

Aircheck Transcript Form

Use this template to transcribe a segment to tighten breaks and overcome problems like IMEWEUS.

Download “Air Check Transcript.docx” Air-check-coaching-transcript-template-form.docx – Downloaded 33 times – 63 KB

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Daily Road Map

A simple tool to plan a radio show each day. Customize the spreadsheet and complete each field. It also includes a Weekly Road Map planner. For details on how to use it, go here.

Download “Daily Road Map.xlsx” Daily-Road-Map.xlsx – Downloaded 179 times – 54 KB

Storyboard Template

This template (in PowerPoint format) helps personalities organize content and turn it into a story. For details on how to storyboard, go here.

Download “Storyboard Template” Storyboard.pptx – Downloaded 17 times – 85 KB

Daily Planner

A sequential planning template that organizes all show prep content in one place. In Word format.

Download “Show Prep Daily Planner.docx” Show-prep-Daily-Planner.docx – Downloaded 214 times – 73 KB

Topic Form

This Word document is formatted to help organize details on each topic in the show prep process.

Download “Show Prep Topic Form.docx” Show-Prep-Topic-Form.docx – Downloaded 201 times – 54 KB


News Story Programming Template

Use this guide to schedule stories in a newscast or entertainment feature to enhance variety and keep each episode fresh. For details on how to use it, go here.

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Download “News Story Programming Template.xlsx” Information-Format-Template-1.xlsx – Downloaded 36 times – 57 KB


Target Era Calculator

A terrific tool to find the most valuable years for content and music features. For details on how to use it, go here.

Download “Target Era Calculator” Target-Era-Calculator.xlsx – Downloaded 208 times – 60 KB

How Much Do Listeners Really Tune In?

The audience listens far less than you think. Get this infographic, print it, and keep it in front of you at all times to remind you how to program your station or show. For details, go here.

Download “How Much Listeners Tune In Infographic” How-Much-Do-They-Listen-infographic-1.png – Downloaded 204 times – 445 KB

Personality Success Path

Get this infographic that summarizes the five stages of air personality growth, as explained in detail here.

Download “Personality Success Path” Success-Path-Infographic-TJMG.pdf – Downloaded 223 times – 135 KB

Rules of Storytelling

Get this infographic that demonstrates Pixar’s 22 Rules of Telling Stories.

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Download “Pixars Rules of Storytelling infographic.jpg” Pixars-Rules-of-Storytelling-infographic.jpg – Downloaded 180 times – 116 KB