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Perfect Music Rotations Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet to identify perfect song rotations when setting up a music scheduling system. For details on how to use it, go here.

Download “Perfect Rotations Worksheet.xlsx” Perfect-Rotations-Worksheet.xlsx – Downloaded 301 times – 80 KB

Christmas Songs Safe List

A list of researched Christmas songs (2019) that are safe for most stations to program.

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Ratings Tracking Tool

A great tool for keeping track of the station or show ratings over a long period of time. For details on how to use this form, go here.

Download “Ratings Tracking Tool.xlsx” Ratings-Tracking-Tool.xlsx – Downloaded 173 times – 105 KB

How Much Do Listeners Really Tune In?

The audience listens far less than you think. Get this infographic, print it, and keep it in front of you at all times to remind you how to program your station or show. For details, go here.

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Download “How Much Listeners Tune In Infographic” How-Much-Do-They-Listen-infographic-1.png – Downloaded 207 times – 445 KB


The Lifetime Value of A Fan

This calculator will show exactly how much the most important listeners are worth to a radio station. For details on how to use it, go here.

Download “Value of a Fan.xlsx” value-of-a-fan.xlsx – Downloaded 166 times – 11 KB

Audience Persona Worksheet/Template

Use this form to build a target audience persona, as detailed in the seminar on-demand here.

Download “Audience Persona Template.ppt” Audience-Persona-Template.ppt – Downloaded 255 times – 2 MB


Air Check Transcript Form

This Word document can be used to transcribe and analyze exactly how a show performs a break using the aircheck transcript technique described here.

Download “Air Check Transcript.docx” Air-check-coaching-transcript-template-form.docx – Downloaded 36 times – 63 KB


News Story Programming Template

Use this guide to schedule stories in a newscast or entertainment feature to enhance variety and keep each episode fresh. For details on how to use it, go here.

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Download “News Story Programming Template.xlsx” Information-Format-Template-1.xlsx – Downloaded 40 times – 57 KB


Target Era Calculator

A terrific tool to find the most valuable years for content and music features. For details on how to use it, go here.

Download “Target Era Calculator” Target-Era-Calculator.xlsx – Downloaded 214 times – 60 KB

Personality Success Path

Get this infographic that summarizes the five stages of air personality growth, as explained in detail here.

Download “Personality Success Path” Success-Path-Infographic-TJMG.pdf – Downloaded 229 times – 135 KB