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Email DRIP Campaign Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to plan an automated email marketing campaign. For details on how to use it, go here.

Download “Email Drip Campaign Spreadsheet.xlsx” Email-Drip-Campaign-Spreadsheet.xlsx – Downloaded 202 times – 8 KB

Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet

Use this as a guide to get the right dimensions on graphics for social media.

Download “Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet” Social-Media-Image-Sizing-Cheat-Sheet-scaled.jpg – Downloaded 124 times – 79 KB


Press Release Template and Checklist

Use this template to write a press release that is more likely to get attention. Details on how to use it are here.

Download “Press Release Template.xlsx” Press-Release-Template.xlsx – Downloaded 151 times – 54 KB


Value of Your Radio Station Database

This calculator will show you the value of the radio station’s listener database. For details on how to use this calculator, go here.

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Download “Value of a Fan.xlsx” value-of-a-fan.xlsx – Downloaded 162 times – 11 KB

How Much Do Listeners Really Tune In?

The audience listens far less than you think. Get this infographic, print it, and keep it in front of you at all times to remind you how to program your station or show. For details, go here.

Download “How Much Listeners Tune In Infographic” How-Much-Do-They-Listen-infographic-1.png – Downloaded 204 times – 445 KB


Audience Persona Worksheet/Template

Use this form to build a target audience persona, as detailed in the seminar on-demand here.

Download “Audience Persona Template.ppt” Audience-Persona-Template.ppt – Downloaded 251 times – 2 MB