Thursday, June 30, 2022

Promotions Download: Daily Planner

A sequential planning template that organizes all show prep content in one place. In Word format.  

Promotions Download: Storyboard Template

This template (in PowerPoint format) helps personalities organize content and turn it into a story. For details on how to storyboard, go here.  

Promotions Download: Daily Road Map

This is a simple tool to plan a radio show each day. Customize the spreadsheet and complete each field. It also includes a Weekly Road Map planner. For details on how to use it,...

Promotions Download: Content Relevance Comparison

Use this form to compare how topical and relevant your show is compared to other entertainment sources. For details on how to use this form, go here.  

Promotions Download: Feature Episode Tracker

Use this tool to log details for each episode of a feature. It's useful to quickly find archived audio and program Best Of shows.  

Promotions Download: $1,000 Minute Questions

The Thousand Dollar Minute is absolutely, positively, one of the best games to play on the radio. It’s sticky, drives tune-in, and won’t break the budget. Here's a long list of questions to help get...

Personalities Download: Personality Success Path

Have you wondered why highly successful personalities move to a new market and fail? Or why a show that’s really not that good gets high ratings, while a great show just can’t get traction? The Personality Success Path explains...

Promotions Download: Target Era Calculator

How can a programmer determine the depth of a music library? Should it be deep or shallow? And should the primary focus be on narrowly defined genres or open them up to be wide?...

Promotions Download: News Story Programming Template

Programming information elements takes time and attention. This tool makes it easier to schedule stories and make each update exciting, fresh and different while still covering the biggest stories of the day. And without...

Promotions Download: Air Check Transcript Form

The aircheck transcript is one of the most effective air check themes for programmers to work with talent. This Word document can be used to transcribe and analyze exactly how a show performs a break...

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Key To The Tease: When To Tease

When the cops finally caught up with notorious criminal Willie Sutton, they asked him why he robbed banks. His reply was, "Because that's where...