Monday, March 20, 2023

Download: Christmas Songs Safe List

Here is a list of highly-researched Christmas songs that are safe for most stations to program, courtesy of P1 Research.

Download: DMR Christmas Programming and Ratings study

Download this programming and ratings study produced by DMR Interactive showing the benefits stations experience when switching to an all-Christmas music format.

Download: Show Prep Meeting Checklist

Here's a great guide to help shows be properly prepared. The template includes a checklist for the pre-show meeting, post-show meeting, promotion/marketing, and prep/planning.

Download: Aircheck Segment Evaluation Template

Use this form to evaluate individual radio segments. This template works particularly well for self-analysis as well as for programmers and coaches working on an aircheck critique.

Personality Download: Pixar’s Rules Of Storytelling

Get this infographic that demonstrates Pixar's 22 Rules of Telling Stories.  

Download: Show Prep Topic Form

This Word document is formatted to help organize details on each topic in the show prep process.  

Download: Daily Planner

A sequential planning template that organizes all show prep content in one place. In Word format.  

Promotions Download: Storyboard Template

This template (in PowerPoint format) helps personalities organize content and turn it into a story. For details on how to storyboard, go here.  

Download: Daily Road Map

This is a simple tool to plan a radio show each day. Customize the spreadsheet and complete each field. It also includes a Weekly Road Map planner. For details on how to use it,...

Download: Content Relevance Comparison

Use this form to compare how topical and relevant your show is compared to other entertainment sources. For details on how to use this form, go here.  

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