The end of school year doesn’t have the same promotional opportunities as the beginning of the year or Back to School time. Most of the time, it’s better to constantly promote forward instead of backward.

However, there are some ideas that fit this time of year.

Book Of Records Promotions

The Book Of Records is a strong recurring feature used on many stations. The end of the year is a perfect time to do some on-air segments that fit into this content container.

  • Find the oldest person in your town graduating from high school, and honor them.
  • Who has had the worst school year and why?
  • Who has had the best school year and why?
  • Now I can say it: My teacher was the craziest of all time because ______.

Advice Segments

Graduation ceremonies usually include a speaker that dishes life advice to graduates.

  • Solicit advice for graduates: What advice do you wish someone had given you, but nobody did?
  • What advice did you get that was totally worthless?
  • Give us the real life advice that should be in the graduation speeches?
  • What one thing did you learn this year in school that you didn’t expect?
  • Write your show’s speeches with advice to graduating seniors. Can be funny, heart-felt, sentimental or cynical. Make them fit your personality.
  • Charming twist: Have kids graduating kindergarten call in and give advice to the new class of students entering kindergarten next year.
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  • Have kids call and read yearbook entries.
  • Or, have adults read them from their past! Get the back-stories.
  • Read your own yearbook comments. Embellish and exaggerate to create character-defining content.
  • Solicit for businesses hiring students this summer and set up some kids with summer jobs.
  • Post photos from high school graduation on website (yours and your audience’s).
  • Show us your last day of school face. Great video or photo promotion.