As pressure to maintain ad revenue has increased, radio managers have learned there is a goose that lays golden eggs. And that goose is personality endorsements, especially from high profile air talent that has a large fan base. Savvy account executives have figured out how influential these ads are. For some personalities, that’s become a very good thing. There’s a lot of money for talent and radio stations in endorsement ads that entertain, if you follow a few smart principles.

Advertisers love endorsements, whether it’s a recorded first-person testimonial or a live read. And there’s a good reason: The ads work.

Endorsements and live reads get reaction because fans trust the recommendation. When their “friends” tell them they should get their next car from a dealer, they take it seriously. Endorsement ads have proven to be a powerful method of driving response.

But here’s the great thing for personalities and programmers: Research studies have proven that listeners are far less likely to tune out of endorsements, as long as the ads are clever and creative. In fact, endorsement ads that entertain often show little to no tune out.

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To preserve the power of endorsement ads, though, personalities must protect the integrity of their personal brand. This is sensitive, because many sales managers pitch endorsements to every client they can get on the phone, and there’s pressure to put your name on those ads.

But they’re not all good for you, no matter how much the talent fee is. There are many considerations before saying “yes” to the ad. But one of the most important is whether the client is willing to allow your personality to come through in their ads.

Examples of Endorsement Ads That Entertain

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