Have you ever wondered whether you make a difference each day? The role of air personalities should not be under estimated, no matter how strange your job seems to others! Air personalities are taste-making influencers that have the power to persuade listeners. And that power can turn into a great source of revenue through endorsement ads.

A study into the role of air personalities reveals a unique bond between personalities and the audience. Yes, radio has a great impact on listeners, when radio listening is driven by air talent. 

That’s great news for the future of our industry, if you’re a broadcaster that is developing and nurturing air talent. And if you are one of those air personalities, you hold the keys to the kingdom.

Wait, you thought the secret to future success was being the DJ that can talk up the ramp of the new Taylor, Bruno and Justin songs? Not quite.

The future belongs to those who know how to exploit the role of air personalities.

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The Role of Air Personalities

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