Second Date Update is one of the strongest relationship features you can put on your show. It makes a great content container to tell a story, and can become your One Thing feature that you become known for.

Second Date Update, and similar features with a different name (like Ghost Hunting) are terrific features that allows personalities to deliver emotional relationship stories. Putting those stories in a content container adds a layer of anticipation and expectation.

This works for almost all shows, in almost all formats.

Making Second Date Update Work

The feature is best for stations that target an audience in the “dating” demographic, primarily 18-34 year olds. The feature itself is easy to understand, though it’s tricky to execute properly.

The concept:

Invite listeners who have had one date, but can’t get a second, to tell you their story. Your show finds out what went wrong. And it’s never what they expect.

Second Date Update Execution