Team chemistry is important for a radio show. But what happens when that chemistry  is shaken? That’s a special situation that requires unique talent coaching skills. A For The Show (FTS) mentality can get you through those tough times.

A program director asked a great question:

What should I do when one member of show gets hurt feelings because their ideas are edited, adjusted or not used? Or they think they should have more mic time?

There are so many situations like this. What usually happens? Compromise. The cast gives in so feelings are not hurt. And the result is a compromised radio show. The staff “gets along” but the show suffers.

Everyone takes pride in their contributions, or at least they should. If not, there’s another issue! It’s common for some personalities to withdraw or even stop contributing if several ideas are discarded or they feel left out or unimportant.

But the solution is to be inclusive and show respect. It’s NOT to accommodate a weak idea just to preserve their feelings.

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Here’s how to manage this situation:

For The Show Doesn’t Mean It’s All Smiles & Hugs

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