Most personalities looking for a new gig seek a bigger opportunity. Maybe the goal is to reach a larger market or be part of a more high-profile show. Some want to move from nights to afternoons or middays to mornings. Whatever the Get That Gig goal, start developing skills now. One way to do that is to start a podcast with an emphasis on what you want to sound like in your next gig.

This article explains why it’s a good idea for radio personalities to start a podcast. Including:

  • How to use a podcast to practice and audition for the next gig.
  • How to use a podcast to develop skills and get feedback.

Start a Podcast

One of the most common complaints from radio personalities is restrictions imposed on performance. They hang their head and lament that they want to become storytellers with the freedom to talk more.

And they sound depressed. But there’s always an opportunity. It just may not be on an actual radio station. That’s okay.

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A podcast can be the platform to learn needed skills and prepare for the future.

Why It’s A Good Idea

Every personality can start a podcast. It’s just a radio show made available on demand. There are no restrictions. Talk as much as you want. Experiment. Go crazy. Learn to connect and communicate.

Maybe nobody will listen. That’s okay. In fact, maybe it’s better. The purpose is to develop skills and experience for the next gig. And in the meantime, you may even generate new revenue from the podcast.

Krystina Ramey was a tertiary personality on the Roula and Ryan Show at KRBE/Houston. She knew she had more to share than the current opportunity provided. She wanted a show of her own or to be a high-profile cohost on a big show.

So she started a podcast to show more of what she can do. She explains:

Develop Skills & Get Feedback

So get an idea of what you need to become to get where you want to be. Then start working on the skills that will take you there.

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Set up the podcast format to stretch current skills or develop new ones.

  • A cohost wishing to be recast as a host can learn how to do it on a podcast.
  • A DJ that wants to be part of a multi-personality show should put together a team and build a show.
  • Maybe you already have a show and want to learn interviewing skills. Great! This is the place to do it.
  • Do you need better storytelling skills? Do it on a podcast and study how to improve.

Then find a mentor to provide feedback. Ask for honest, specific feedback and tips on how to evolve toward the goal. This is a great way to network with pros that could turn into valuable contacts later.

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There’s no reason to not have a podcast, whether or not an audience follows it. Take matters into your own hands and polish those skills to Get That Gig!