Usually, show prep is something air talent looks forward to just a little more than an air check meeting with the PD, GM, VP of Programming and one of the station’s biggest clients. In other words, it’s not high on our list of things we love. But it doesn’t have to be such a grind.

In my workshop and Seminar Harvest Your Life, I show personalities how the most valuable element of show prep is being alert to things happening all around them. Everyday observations are turned into amazing stories that couldn’t be told by anyone else.

When you get the hang of it, almost anyone’s life can be turned into fuel for attracting an audience, and often turning those stories into genuinely funny moments.

One of my strongest recommendations to clients is a twice-weekly Production Meeting or Brainstorm Meeting. These meetings create original material, break up the daily grind of content creation and help shows work farther ahead.

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The goal is to uncover original content that isn’t as apparent in daily show prep sessions. And we get to those topics and stories with the Harvest Your Life technique.

Everyone on the show is expected to contribute at least three ideas in three different content categories. Ideally those categories match up with the legs on the show’s Three Legged Stool. Each leg represents a show value through which content is funneled.

Harvest Your Life For Daily Content: An Example

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