When at an event with strangers, it helps if everyone wears a name tag. Knowing a name brings strangers just a little closer together. It’s the first step to getting to know someone. The same thing happens in the relationship between radio personalities and listeners. That’s why name tagging is so important.

This seems like a minor thing, but it can be the difference between your listener feeling connected to a show and feeling distanced. From research, we know the biggest cause of tune out is listener confusion. And a major cause of confusion is when they “don’t know the people on the air.”

But it’s a really easy for personalities to overlook or forget the fact that listeners don’t know all of the personalities.

One of the problems is that there are even managers and PD’s who think air talent is so insignificant, they should not say their names.

They couldn’t be more wrong. However, there’s an art to doing it without sounding self-indulgent.

How to Name Tag on Multi-Personality Shows

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