Seinfeld reruns never get old. They are classics filled with rich lessons in character development, show preparation and story structure for radio personalities. An entire study of Radio According to Seinfeld could help radio shows in many ways. But I’m thinking about the episode where George Castanza learned to hit the Pay Off and get out quickly.

He found the secret for success was to “end on a high note”.

Many radio breaks are ruined because personalities don’t know when to exit. A story concludes, there’s a great line and they fail to recognize that moment. So the break continues. And the high point passes, turning the segment into a flat, disappointing mess.

Or it happens when there’s a strong Pay Off, but we go for just one more punchline. That was George’s problem, until he learned his lesson.

In meetings, in relationships, on the phone and other situations that involved making an impression, George figured out that his biggest problem was a tendency to keep talking after he made an impact. And it always ended badly for him

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Hit The Pay Off and Get Out

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