Developing a winning radio show involves far more than just hiring talented folks and putting them on the air together. Great broadcasters look at it the way a producer would cast a movie. They find personalities to fill roles. There are many aspects of casting roles, but the most important is making sure there’s a balance between hosts and cohosts.

All roles are important on a multi-personality team show, but the most critical role is host. Every show must have one. And only one.

The host is the lead personality. It’s the role Ryan Seacrest, Dave Ryan and Elvis Duran play on their radio shows. And it’s how Anderson Cooper manages the entertainment flow on his CNN television show.

Just as a football team revolves around the quarterback, a radio show is centered on the host. Sometimes a show comes together with more than one personality with the skills to host.

Choose the one most qualified to be the leader. Shows that tag-team the lead/host role are inconsistent and often struggle to find their footing.

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Hosts Must Be Clearly Defined

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