One of the most overlooked areas of radio programming is reviewing and critiquing information elements on the station. News and information segments often stand apart, outside what’s considered normal jurisdiction for a programmer, and it’s easy to ignore that department. Or perhaps it’s just that most PD’s don’t know how to air check news.

That’s a mistake. If it’s on your station, you should actively manage and coach it. And you should promote it, too. But that’s another topic.

Many times, programmers feel they’re not qualified or don’t have an understanding of what to look for or listen for. News is part of your programming, not a separate entity that stands by itself.

So program it actively. And if you program it, air check it.

The problem often is that the news department marches to their own drummer. They have different priorities, often focusing on breaking a story or reporting facts. Meanwhile, you’re trying to create an entertaining radio show.

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So what should you be listening for? And how should you evaluate it?

Here’s how you can improve information content delivery through air check techniques:

Air Check News: Essence/Importance/Impact


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