Among the curiosities that cause me to lose sleep is how program directors and air personalities place relatively low value on content that isn’t originated locally. It happens in several categories, including group contests.

Like it or not (and many programmers are solidly in the “not” camp), group contests are here to stay. And for good reason. They work, as long as they’re managed and promoted well.

Listeners prefer local contests, as shown in this research from Nuvoodoo:

However, listeners don’t hate group contesting. They don’t even dislike it. In fact, less than 15% perceive group contests as a negative. Here’s more data from the study to back it up:

Local operators that embrace group contests generate amazing results.

The larger broadcast groups have improved how shared forced listening contests operate. Programmers who manage the promotion as if it were their own almost always succeed.

How Not To Manage Group Contests