Like every great performance artist, interviewers are able to tell a story. Great personalities make interviews seem effortless. It seems so easy, everyone seems to think interviews are a good idea. But they’re not for everyone. Not everybody can interview like Dan Patrick or, the King of All Interviewers, Howard Stern.

Having a great guest is a good start for a solid interview, but that’s no guarantee that the segment will succeed. Most interviews with experts, even A-list celebrities-are deadly dull. That’s why many programmers coach personalities to avoid interviews completely.

But I can’t remember hearing a dull Howard Stern interview. Ever. Stern has evolved over the years, from shock jock to a thoughtful, compassionate and multi-faceted host. His interviews alone are worth the price of Sirius XM subscription for many subscribers.

What Makes Howard Stern the King of All Interviewers: Preparation

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