Here’s one of the most fundamental pieces of programming advice: If it’s on the air, promote it! If it’s not worth promoting, take it off. Those are programming words to live by.

Think about that. It’s a great tool to solve programming challenges.

Focus is a core programming principle that is proven successful over and over. Do fewer things and do them well. Then Promote those things aggressively. It’s simple and it works.

That goes for news, entertainment news and even service elements.

In many markets, even music-intensive stations air news and information elements like this:

  • A 2-minute newscast each half hour (2 per hour).
  • A 60-second traffic report every quarter-hour (4 per hour)
  • A 20-second weather report every quarter hour (4 per hour)
  • A 3-minute entertainment Report every hour

Add it up. That’s more than 12 minutes of information every hour, or the equivalent of three songs-or more! That’s probably as much, or more, than the amount of talk in each hour.

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Yet we rarely promote or tease these elements. Some will toss in a promo for an entertainment news segment, but it’s rare.

Ask why and programmers typically say:

Those elements aren’t promotable


It’s hard to find time to promote them in the format clock.

3 Ways To Promote It


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