Improv skills are one of the most important things air talent can learn to improve their ability to perform spontaneously on the air. Personal stories infused with these skills make stories come alive on the air.

But there’s a thin line between good personal stories and.bad ones.

Good storytelling from personal experiences results in a careful balance that deepens a character brand without making it sound self-absorbed or All About Us.

Weaving personal stories into a show without getting too deep into yourself and  making listeners feel excluded is a great skill.

That’s why it can be so hard to coach personal storytelling. Great storytellers are able to make stories relatable, while others could take the same content and it would be a disaster. I think that’s what Roger Daltrey (The Who) meant in the song Join Together:

It’s the Singer, Not The Song…That Makes You Sing Along

As with many other personality skills, Improv can help train radio talent to be better storytellers.

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Here’s an example of a great personal story that’s not only well-told, it becomes contagiously funny because of the natural reactions of the cast.

How Improv Skills Enhance a Personal Story

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