Interviewing is a hard skill to master. Most personalities have never been trained in the art of interview techniques, which is a shame because everyone can be much better at interacting with guests. The mirroring technique is so easy, it feels like cheating. It works like a charm for nearly everyone.

Mirroring slows a conversation just enough to get your guest past the standard answers they’ve given a million times before.

If you ask, “What do you mean by that?”, they’ll confront you. It’s a conflict.

But by mirroring, you open the door and given permission to continue without probing or changing the subject. Mirroring is like a magic trick to turbo charge interview results.

Mirroring will make you feel awkward when you first try it. That’s the only hard part. The technique takes a little practice, but very little. Once you get the hang of it, this will become a conversational Swiss Army knife you can use in nearly every professional and social setting. It’s one of the easiest and most valuable interview techniques you’ll ever use.

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How Mirroring Works In Interviews

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