In most markets, some station is hosting a Jingle Ball promotion. It’s usually a concert, and often becomes a big event. But here’s a fun twist for a radio show. How about Jingle Bail?

In this article, I’ll share a fun stunt-like tactic that can work with many causes and ideas, including:

  • How to create drama and anticipation for a fundraiser by setting a goal.
  • An idea for generating a storyline that allows personalities to get in the center of the event. 
  • Execution ideas to make Jingle Bail work.

How To Perform Jingle Bail

This idea has the potential to become an annual event, and part of a show’s heritage.

  • Start with a cause. It’s not hard to find one.
  • Choose a high-profile location to stage the event. It needs to have natural traffic and be available or accessible most hours.
  • Set up a jail cell in the location.
  • A personality or whole show is locked in a jail cell, living as a prisoner until bail is raised (through donations) to release them and grant a wish for a person in need. For added drama, delay the bail amount until just before the show is locked up.
  • When a personality is released and a wish granted, arrest someone else and start again! For best results, try to get local celebrities involved.
  • Provide a live webcam feed so listeners can follow along.
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More-FM in New Zealand raised $158,661 for Koru Care to send 39 Kiwi kids to the Gold Coast (Australia) for the trip of a lifetime! Get details and watch their recap video here. And, here’s a collection of videos for the promotion.

One of the stories captured the public’s imagination and was shared internationally:

His name is Alize. He is not sick but was nominated because he is the most caring, supportive big brother to 4-year-old sibling Andre who is severely brain-damaged, and can’t walk or talk.

The team called his grandma to tell her Alize was going on the trip, and Alize’s mother videoed his reaction. Grab the tissues!