Listeners tune in to their favorite radio show for just a few minutes at a time, and only 2-3 times per morning. That’s not very much, is it? They miss most of your how. They may spend 25-30 minutes a day with their favorite show-total. Clearly, they aren’t getting enough of all that awesome material created each day. So make it available on demand. it’s easy to launch a podcast.

But then, if you’re like most personalities, a podcast is probably just a replay on demand of the entire show that aired earlier. And that’s not going to work.

If listeners only have time to hear a few minutes of the show each day, why would a 3-hour podcast hold their interest? It’s great that more personalities are launching podcasts, but a radio show’s podcast can’t be just a regurgitation of what was on that day.

Listeners are time-starved, with shorter attention spans than my dog Max.

It’s time to get serious about podcasting, but it’s also time to do it creatively and effectively.

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Why The Time Is Right To Launch a Podcast


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