eAre you having trouble getting listener response? Creating drama? Building intrigue? There’s no question that listener phone calls aren’t what they once were. It’s harder than ever to inspire a listener to all. But don’t give up. It’s really easy to get more calls. And one of the tactics that works almost every time is to leave something out.

This is a tactic many talk show hosts use regularly. They present a strong opinion with passion, but avoid supporting the argument. They leave something out. This causes those who disagree to call and argue with the host, providing the reasons they’re wrong. As the topic develops, all of the points are made. It’s just that they didn’t dump everything on the audience at once.

When a host launches the topic and provides all the details, there’s nothing left for listeners to contribute. Then you’re left wondering why nobody calls. When you leave something out, listeners naturally want to participate by helping fill in the blanks or arguing with you.

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This is a form of the storytelling technique of Delayed Resolution. The longer an outcome can be delayed, the greater the entertainment value. And the longer the time spent listening.

It’s Easy To Leave Something Out


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