Active listening is a vital skill that is often overlooked but can have a profound impact on the quality of interactions and relationships, including relationships with listeners. It increases connections and leads to a more robust conversation on-air. However, truly listening is a somewhat rare skill for radio personalities. Most are planning what to say next, which causes them to miss great opportunities. The good news is that everyone can improve in this area by learning a simple improvisational principle: Listen and Respond.

This article is about being an active listener by learning to Listen and Respond, with details on how to develop those skills. Including:

  • How to Listen and Respond, which adds to an image of being likable and emotionally connected. 
  • The arch-enemy of this concept: is EGO. Here’s how to defeat that enemy.
  • Why personalities that focus on wanting to be wonderful in a break will fail. 
  • Air talent trying to shine the spotlight on themselves turn into attention pigs. And attention pigs are generally less likable.
  • How to apply the concept of Listen and Respond on a radio show.

Listen and Respond