When a lottery starts to build momentum, the public freaks out. It’s almost as if winning a simple $10 or $15 million doesn’t matter. But when it hits $700 million, now that’s worth buying a ticket! People are funny. But if the audience is talking about it, you should too. So here are some lottery topics that work on-air.

This article contains a detailed list of lottery topics for radio shows. Including:

  • How to capitalize on the public interest in the lottery.
  • Phone topics for listeners to participate. 
  • Interactive ideas that work on-air.

Lottery Topics & Ideas

This article covers on-air ideas for talking about lottery topics and a few stunts that work.

There are two great promotions to check out as well. This is my all-time favorite lottery idea, described in detail. It takes some setup and the right personality to play it well, but it’s an example of hijacking a topic to become part of the story.

And here’s a simple idea any station can execute. It’s probably the easiest way to generate activity and talk.

Apart from that, try these topics.

Lottery Topics: Was It You?

In case someone in your area wins the lottery, chances are they won’t show up for work the next day. And chances are they will not be identified in public.  This creates an opportunity to get some attention.

Have one cast member “stay home”. But nobody knows why, or where they are.

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Make a big deal out of it. The rest of the show is confused because someone just didn’t show. Get the city buzzing that he/she might be the winner.

There are several options for the payoff.

  • They arrive a couple of hours later with an unrelated excuse for not being there. For example, the dog was sick and was in the animal emergency room. False alarm.
  • Stay out for a full day for “mental health”. When he/she returns, ask everybody what’s going on and “what did I miss?”.

Either outcome builds suspense. The key to this working is the on-air staff takes a grain of possibility and builds it into something far bigger than it actually is by employing the Three E’s of Entertainment.

Phone Topics For Team Shows

Here are some general lottery topics. As with all show prep, apply these to your personality brand for the best results.

  • If you won the lottery, which cast member would you share money with, and why? Who would you NOT share money with? How much would you share with them?
    • A good approach: Each person shares how much they would give each show member. Each is a different amount, with explanations of why.
    • If you won and could share with only one member of the show, who would it be and why? This is good for cast members or extending to the audience for responses.
  • Ask listeners: If only one cast member could win, who would you want to win and why?
  • Which is better: Think of fun questions to see which a show member would pick if they won the lottery. For example, would you travel around the world? Go see a favorite sports team play in every stadium? Or would you go to every concert your favorite artist performs on tour?
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General Topics

  • If you won the lottery, who’d be the first person you’d tell to go to hell?
  • Look for listeners who have won the lottery before. This is a good Is Anyone Listening Who topic. Or turn it into a Book Of Records topic and look for the listener who has won the most. Can you find anyone who won a large amount and now wish they hadn’t?
  • What would be the first thing you would buy with the winnings?
  • If you were guaranteed to win the lottery but had to give up a body part, what would it be, and how much would it take?
  • Ask rich listeners to call in and share with us what it’s like to be rich. Or send a show member to a rich area to talk to rich people at their house. Knock on the door and ask for their story. Tell them you’re trying to find out what it’s like to win the lottery. Maybe they will invite them in. Maybe they will call the police.
  • Ask kids what would they do if they won. Take calls or make a montage from recorded audio. This can extend to other types of people. For example, senior citizens or homeless people, or folks at the pawnshop.
  • You just won the lottery. You turn on the music. What’s the first song you’re going to play?
  • Who doesn’t WANT to win because it would change their life?
  • Everybody has a theory on how to win the lottery. What’s yours?
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Relationship Topics

  • Ask listeners to call in that are 100% in love with their significant other. Then ask them this question. If you were guaranteed to win the whole amount in the lottery but had to ditch your partner and could no longer have contact with them would you do it?
    • Turn that around: Would they do it?
  • If you won, would you keep it a secret to prevent a boyfriend/girlfriend or ex from finding out?
  • If you won the lottery would you trade up? In other words, would you try for a different/better spouse?
    • Do you think your spouse would trade up? Would you be worried about that?
    • Would it make you stay with someone you were thinking about dumping just because they won?


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