Many who follow this site will see the headline and won’t click on this post. They think it’s a boring topic, and I get that. But it’s only boring because broadcasters make it boring with a purposeless, meaningless corporate mission statement that is almost impossible to act on.

A mission statement should be a declaration of a brand vision. A good one identifies what you do and who you are so everyone in the organization can understand what is expected. It helps everyone know where they fit.

A well-crafted statement also covers who you are not. It sets a tone and establishes boundaries. It can be used to settle disputes without conflict. The document can be a powerful guide to keep your station and your radio show on the right path without distraction.

When your mission is defined, clarity follows. With clarity, a brand’s story will emerge.

There’s a world of difference between truly standing for something and having a mission statement that says you stand for something.

Your company should have one. Your station should have one. And your show should have one.

Defining a Mission Statement

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