Throw this question out to a group of broadcasters, then sit back and be entertained. The debate over more music or more personality is a passionate one. Managers and bean counters would love it if more music morning shows worked. It’s cheap, easy and fast.

Come to think of it, many programmers would like it, too. It would eliminate air check meetings. But is this an effective way to program?

In certain situations, de-emphasizing personality may make sense, at least short term. But it’s not a long-term solution.

Most stations won’t win in the morning without a personality driven show.

Stations that rely exclusively on music to win, not just in mornings, but in all hours, either already are, or will soon be, left behind by stations that offer compelling entertainment beyond the songs.

It may not be reflected in this month’s PPM results, but measured against other sources of entertainment (streamed audio channels, etc.), stations without personalities offering unique entertainment and specific reasons to listen are left without a moat to defend the castle.

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Why The Emphasis On More Music Morning Shows?

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