Multiple choice was always the preference for testing in school. It gives everyone a fighting chance. Remember how excited you were when you had no idea of an answer, but guessed at “C”? And when it was right, it was a feeling like none other. The multiple choice tease is one of the most effective types of teases to use on the air.

The multiple choice tease is a winner because it gets listeners to play along. It’s like a game, and listeners love games.

There’s a regular feature at most major league baseball stadiums. In about the sixth or seventh inning, they play a game, asking the crowd to “guess the attendance”.

The crowd doesn’t have a stake in the outcome. There’s no prize. And there’s really no pride in guessing it right. But everyone plays because they always make it multiple choice. And the crowd erupts in applause when the actual attendance is revealed. They get an ego boost when they guess the question correctly.

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The game is kind of ridiculous. It’s nothing but a guess. It’s human nature to play along, and that can work really well for air personalities.

Multiple Choice Tease For Radio

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