Okay, everybody, here we go. So this is, like, an article about, ah, all those, um, bad, uh, habits that radio personalities pick up, you know. Know what I mean? Fix these things and, like, you can be super-better at your, um, job and stuff. Do you know? Whatever. Fine. Okay. Here we go. That’s a paragraph loaded with crutches, pesky small habits that individually don’t seem that bad. They may not even be noticed. But they’re communication killers.

This article demonstrates how to get rid of on-air crutches that hold personalities back. Including:

  • On-air crutches are habitual filler words that can detract from your message.
  • Self-awareness and feedback can help identify these habits.
  • Six specific tips to fix these problems!

Get Rid Of Crutches


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