Here’s an interesting question that is sure to inspire a spirited debate between programmers. Which has more promotional value: Giving away valuable prizes by spreading them across several days (or weeks) and dayparts or isolating a short period of time for one day contests.

Let’s say a station has 20 pairs of tickets to a hot concert. Which of the following three giveaway schedules would get the most attention?

1. 4 giveaways per day spread across 5 days.
2. 2 giveaways per day spread across 2 weeks (10 days).
3. 20 giveaways during the morning show on one day.

The natural reaction for most programmers is to build a greater presence by creating multiple appointment tune in times across as many days and time slots as possible.

They reason that stretching the contest for as long as possible will create more promotional awareness. And to lure more listeners to try for the tickets and compile more quarter hours of listening, they want to expose it in more time periods.

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But take a look at that third option. It’s hard to think about blowing out all of the prizes in one time slot on one day, isn’t it?

But there’s growing evidence that this may be the best tactic. It’s why Amazon offers Amazon Prime Day. Concentration of Force with major discounts. They offer sales and deals all the time, but packaging it as Prime Day creates buzz.

One Day Contests Are a Special Event

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