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A Podcast That Fits Listener Behavior

More and more radio personalities are venturing into the vast world of podcasting. There’s definitely an audience for the platform, but remember podcasting is only a platform. Content is the product....

Steal These 40 Sitcom Plots For Your Radio Show

The art of creativity is often at the crossroads of stealing the right content and adapting it for your own personality brand. It's been said that there's nothing left to say...

Choosing The RIght Partners For Endorsement Ads and Live Reads

Endorsement ads are powerful. There’s no doubt about that. You probably know it because of nonstop requests from account executives to put your personality on their client’s ads. But not all...

Get Used To It: Radio Team Shows Are Codependent

One of my clients, a very good radio show, broke up. The main personalities could no longer coexist. It's a shame because radio shows are codependent, just like a band.

Working With Talented People

Great radio personalities have a superpower that is hard to understand and can't be taught. Working with these truly talented people is simply different. It requires unique coaching skills.

Entry Forms That Build a Smart Database

A radio station's database is a powerful weapon. Some clients have fan databases worth well over $1 million per year. But a smart database that delivers ratings and revenue doesn't happen by...

A List of Things To Never Say Or Do On The Air

How many times have you been told, "Never say this"? Usually, I hate lists like that. It seems simplistic, and well, list-y. But I'll make an exception. Here's a list. Never say...

Personalities: How To Find Your Own Formula

Master chefs don’t follow another chef’s recipe. True artists don’t recreate someone else’s painting in a paint by numbers kit. Great bands don’t turn out #1 songs by covering previous #1 hits (usually). Greatness...

Your Show the Day After the Awards Show

It happens the morning after every award show. It doesn't matter if it's the Oscars, Grammy’s Golden Globes, CMA’s, AMA’s, or People's Choice Awards. The next day, most personalities review the...

You Don’t Have to Be Funny to Have a Funny Show

Nothing beats funny on the air. That's a fact. It's proven. But funny is an odd thing. You don’t have to have a funny line to be funny. And you don't...

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