You know the importance of using math for rotating your music. And you certainly understand the value of playing the right songs for your audience. Right? Right. But there’s more to creating a music identity. That’s why setting up perfect music categories will go a long way to creating balance and variety for your station brand. There may be no such thing as perfect music categories, but it’s possible to get close.

What’s the big deal? Don’t we just set up power & secondary currents, new music, power & secondary recurrent categories, and three levels of gold (power, secondary and tertiary) and let ‘er rip?

That’s what most stations do, but if that’s the approach, you’re not maximizing the power of music software to help manage the sound of a radio station.

There are three considerations in putting together a music system: Song popularity, genre and age. Here’s how to approach it.

Perfect Music Categories


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