Sharing personal stories can affect listeners personally. And powerfully. If you ever wondered if what you do on the air matters, read this.

Air talent makes a difference in the lives of real people. Sometimes it’s in small ways, by putting a smile on their face or just being there to help them get through a commute. Other times, it’s more significant. Even life changing. Or, in this case, life saving.

The Bert Show is one of the best in radio. Bert Weiss and his team make emotional connections with listeners with great storytelling from their personal lives. They create content that is highly personal, relatable and unique.

And one of Bert’s stories saved the life of a listener.

Segment 1: Bert Explains his Colonoscopy

When Bert went in for a routine colonoscopy, he told his story on the air. Here’s how it sounded:

A few days later, Bert received an email from a nurse, who shared the story of a patient who came in for the same procedure because of “that guy on the radio. The one whose Dad died from colon cancer.”

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The patient said,

Anyway, he had it done and admitted it so I figured I could probably suck it up and handle it. I’m not sure now though. I’m healthy and this is a total waste of time.

A 32 year-old guy, married with two young kids and a macho personality, was only there because his wife forced him. Because she heard it on the radio.

The test? They found early signs of cancer. He was only there because of The Bert Show. Bert saved a life by being vulnerable, honest and telling a story from his personal life.

Segment 2: Bert Apologizes For His Behavior Under Anesthetic

But Bert didn’t leave it there. The next segment demonstrated the show’s sense of humor. Apparently, the anesthetized Bert had a thing for the nurse.

Brilliant. This was in character and shows off the show at it’s best. It demonstrates heart and humor all wrapped into a personal story.

Conclusion: Personal Stories Affect Listeners

Here’s the thing:

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For every listener we hear from, there are dozens…maybe hundreds…that are impacted, but silent.

What you do makes a difference. Not that you should go out of our way to seek stories or moments to share. But when you have a story, be bold and perform it with emotion. Be sensitive, personal and relatable when the opportunity presents itself.

Telling stories from personal experience in relatable ways with a sense of humor is a great recipe for long-lasting success.